Foundation for Advanced Planning:

A Matador Capital Partners Perspective

Advanced Planning is a strategic process that utilizes legal, regulatory, and financial expertise to safeguard and enhance the net worth of individuals or families. Its benefits and objectives are well-established and widely acknowledged.

To differentiate oneself from other advisors, providing advanced planning services that cater to clients’ unique needs is crucial. Such services empower clients with tailored advice in areas that matter most to them.

Premium Finance:

Premium financing is a useful tool for individuals with a high net worth to fund large insurance policies, create liquidity at death, and reduce income, estate, and gift taxes. It involves having an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust borrow funds from a bank to cover insurance costs.

Cash Flow:

Cash flow is the key to achieving one’s financial goals. It is essential to focus on where your money needs to go to create wealth and generate more income.  Foundation For Advanced PlanningBy looking through the windshield and planning accordingly, you can direct your funds to achieve your objectives.

Self-Directed IRA:

A self-directed individual retirement account (SDIRA) is a type of IRA that allows individuals to hold alternative investments that are not normally allowed in traditional IRAs. Although the account is administered by a trustee, it is directly managed by the account holder. Savvy investors who understand alternative investments can benefit from self-directed IRAs to diversify their portfolio in a tax-advantaged account.

Other Advanced Planning Options:

There are several other options to consider when it comes to advanced planning, including annuities, employer benefits, estate planning, executive strategies, and life insurance.

  • Annuities provide a steady stream of income during retirement or a lump sum of money at a future date.
  • Employer benefits, such as 401(k) plans, offer tax advantages and savings opportunities for retirement.
  • Estate planning involves the transfer of assets to heirs or beneficiaries through trusts, wills, or life insurance.
  • Executive strategies utilize financial products like deferred compensation plans, stock options, and non-qualified deferred compensation plans to provide tax benefits and financial security.
  • Life insurance provides financial security for beneficiaries and can be used in estate planning.

Overall, advanced planning is a crucial aspect of financial planning that enables individuals and families to safeguard and enhance their net worth through tailored, personalized strategies.

With a team of seasoned professionals, Matador Capital Partners offers customized solutions and strategies that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. They are committed to providing transparent and ethical services, ensuring that clients are well-informed and involved throughout the planning process. Additionally, the company has a strong track record of delivering results, having helped numerous clients achieve their financial goals.